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Dianella, WA 6059


    Cutting Edge Civil Contracting provides a full range of earth moving and excavation services with additional specialised equipment for removing rock and for rail projects.

    When it comes to trenching and digging through rock, forget the rock breaker! We love getting our teeth into the tough stuff and using our specialised Erkat rock wheel on a 10 tonne zero swing excavator, we can easily, efficiently and neatly grind away coffee rock, limestone and concrete with minimum noise and vibration. Our equipment and experience mean we’ve provided precision rock removal on jobs ranging from suburban back yards to vast subdivisions.

    Our equipment allows us to grind into rock alongside buildings and services with little risk of causing damage to the neighbouring structure and the bi-product is gravel which is easy to remove or reusable! For large scale projects we have a test dig offer so give us a call and see what we can do.

    Emitting very low vibration and noise, our equipment is ideal for domestic back yard jobs where neighbourly relations need to be taken into consideration! So if you’re thinking of putting in a pool or need other site works done, call Cutting Edge Civil.

    Our custom made blades and sleeper grab also see us equipped for a multitude of railway and other contracts and we are happy to engage in away work wherever required.

    Our service is professional, reliable and efficient every time. So give Cutting Edge Civil Contracting a call today.


    All general civil excavation and earthmoving requirements.

    Rock removal our specialty!

    Our specialised Rock Wheel causes minimum noise and miminum vibration when precisely and efficiently removing rock, concrete and stumps. Also produces easy-to-handle, fine grade waste.

    15 years operating experience including rail projects.

    Payment Methods

    Cash; Cheque; Visa Card; Mastercard; EFT/Wire Transfer


    Professional, Reliable, Efficient

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