Laurie Franklin

Scarborough, WA 6019


    The Laurie Franklin gallery stocks the original artwork of Laurie Franklin, which can be seen in offices, hotels, bars, restaurants and homes, not only in Australia but worldwide. Laurie has a degree in Fashion and Textile Design from Cape Town in South Africa.
    Her art is unique and handcrafted, and she works in a number of artistic styles, including large abstracts in hand crafted glass and mosaics, nudes in charcoal, and landscapes and people. Her art has been shown at various shows and exhibitions, including the Homemakers Expo, Decorex in South Africa, and various galleries and group exhibitions throughout Australia and South Africa.
    These stunning works of art are shown in categories on Laurie’s website, and it is guaranteed that there is a piece to suit anyone’s taste. Whether it be a piece for your office or restaurant, or for your private home, Laurie has created it – there is even a section for art suitable for children’s rooms or play areas. If you find a piece that you like but it isn’t the right colour for your surroundings, Laurie Franklin can re-create the piece in any colour, shape or size to suit your personal needs.
    The Laurie Franklin online Gallery offers next day delivery within the Perth Metro area, and offer their services as art consultants or for further information on any of the art shown on the site. So to purchase or view beautiful art without leaving the comfort of your own home, head to the Laurie Franklin Online Gallery and view hundreds of pieces with the click of a button


    Abstracts, Landscapes, Nudes & Glassart

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    Cash; Cheque; Visa Card; Mastercard; EFTPOS


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    Open 24x7
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