Serpentine marron Farm

899 Elliott rd
Serpentine, WA 6125


    About the new business extension of Serpentine Marron Farm
    Aquaponics Australia
    Have a look on the web in two month we are showing our new Aquaponics system from Aquaponics Australia
    Aquaponics Australia is based at Serpentine Marron Farm 899 Elliott Rd Serpentine, Perth, Australia. The business owner Urs and Kate has much passion for fish, water, and natural healthy food; he has the idea to set up an Aquaponics System to grow fish and vegetables in the backyard, like others do, but a little bit different. Urs likes projects and he is designing and building a new Aquaponics system which is very simple but very efficient and affordable.
    We also have an online store that sells various products for Aquaculture, Farming, and Aquaponics, such as high flow pumps, foldable fish tanks, farm bikes, clay balls, and green houses, etc. The Aquaponics store is on his farm in Serpentine and will be open in around 2 months, you will find the information about the progress on our web site.
    If you need anything for Aquaculture just give me a call on 0477799903
    Or write us e mail on
    The web address is
    My wife is from China, she knows both Chinese and English languages.
    And offers translation services between Chinese and English, and consulting work on imports from China.
    We also have our own agent in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province China who helps us to control goods before loaded into container it is very important especially when you have mixed good from different factories.
    If you are a small Business out there need to find a good product from China,
    for a good price, please don’t hesitate and get in contact with us, and we will try to help you.
    We wish you a good time and hopefully with lots of water and vegetables

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    Aquaponics Australia



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