Get to know bloo

bloo Business Search has been operating since early 2007 and launched in April 2009. Born in Western Australia, it will continue to set new benchmarks locally and globally for technology advancement and truly unique ways for users to search and interact with businesses.

bloo's Mission

Be Honest to Customers; Be Different; Be Innovative; Be True bloo

bloo's Objectives

Provide businesses with more value for their money and deliver measurable results.

Be an industry innovator. In less than 12 months bloo has already introduced products such as:

  • Map Based Searching
  • iPhone Application
  • Plug your business
  • Free call facility
  • Widgets
  • Widgets
  • Postcode Finder
  • "One Click" Category Search
  • Statistics for advertisers

Leverage existing and future trends in consumer behaviour by being at the forefront of technology.

Establish bloo Business Search as the online business directory of choice for consumers.

Why bloo?

bloo Business Search was created to give businesses more for their money and deliver results.

To achieve this goal the company is dedicated to fulfilling the following criteria:

Simple to use - advertisers and users are easily able to navigate and utilise the site.

Competitive - bloo Business Search has been built to ensure that it offers richer content than any other existing online business directory.

Committed - to ongoing advertising and promotion of the bloo product through a mix of new and traditional media.

Leading & unique marketing strategies to ensure consumer awareness, and to position the company as the online business search facility of choice.

Technologically advantaged - bloo Business Search is embracing the future of communications by introducing search applications for wireless & mobile technology to further enhance its service delivery.

Enhancing existing strong brand recognition.

Ensuring consistent, measurable site traffic.

Investing in ongoing product development.

Competitive advantages for Users

bloo Business Search has been designed to be easy to navigate and feature rich and informative content, whilst providing consumers with a better online visual experience.

Feature rich information includes:

  • Adverts
  • Slideshows
  • Maps
  • Video

The 'Click to Call' facility benefits users by allowing them direct access to the business they wish to contact at no cost.

The ultimate aim is to ensure that people accessing the website have total confidence in the bloo business Search brand and automatically assume that any relevant business information they will need is contained on the website.

Competitive advantage for Advertisers

Business owners are realising that electronic marketing has become an integral component of their overall marketing strategy. bloo Business Search provides advertisers with a 'one stop shop' to these online marketing needs.

Clients are provided with a customer page listing that incorporates a designed advert, slideshow, map, pdf brochure, menu, 'Click to Call', SMS, weblink, email link, business article, products and services, opening hours, payment methods and of course, contact details.

Unlike competitor sites, bloo Business Search's advertisers have the ability to make immediate and ongoing alterations and updates to their listing. This feature enables clients to maintain control of their online presence; giving them the power to ensure that their information remains up-to-date and relevant.

One of the benefits of using bloo Business Search is the use of the 'Click to Call' facility which directs enquiries from the site to a business. Once activated it gives the business receiving the call an introductory message, delivering greater transparency on advertising spend. This uses the original switched network, no special equipment required from either end.

Ultimately the advertiser ends up with a solution that covers all of their needs, delivered at a price that is affordable for even the smallest of businesses.